Algarve – beautiful region located in southern Portugal

Here are some interesting facts about the Algarve:

Sunny climate: The Algarve is famous for its mild and sunny climate throughout the year. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, it is one of the sunniest destinations in Europe.

Stunning beaches: The region is known for its golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Praia da Marinha near Lagoa and Praia de Benagil with its famous cave are just a few of the many stunning beaches in the Algarve.

Cape of Sagres: Sagres, located on the southwestern tip of the Algarve, is known as the westernmost point of continental Europe. It is a historic site associated with the Portuguese Age of Discoveries and features beautiful cliffs and landscapes.

Ria Formosa: Ria Formosa is one of the most important protected areas in the Algarve. It is an extensive coastal lagoon with rich biodiversity, where migratory birds, fish, and shellfish can be found.

Orange production: The Algarve is a fertile region for citrus production, especially oranges. Algarve oranges are known for their sweetness and quality and are exported to various countries.

Gastronomy: Algarve’s cuisine is rich and flavorful. Some typical dishes include “cataplana,” a seafood and fish stew, “xarém,” a type of polenta with seafood, and “fig with almond,” a traditional dessert.

Sardine Festival: Every year in August, the city of Portimão hosts the Sardine Festival, a popular event that celebrates the Algarve’s most emblematic fish. The festival attracts visitors from all over the country.

Historic cities: The Algarve is home to several charming historic cities such as Faro, Lagos, Tavira, and Silves. These cities are full of history, with castles, ancient walls, churches, and other monuments.

Golf tourism: The Algarve is a preferred destination for golf enthusiasts. The region boasts numerous world-class golf courses that attract players from around the world.

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