Best season to go to Algarve : June to September

Moreover, June to September offers long daylight hours, allowing you to make the most of your time exploring the region’s attractions, including picturesque towns, historic sites, and natural wonders. Additionally, during this period, you’ll find a wide range of events, festivals, and outdoor activities taking place in the Algarve.

It’s worth noting that the Algarve can be quite crowded during the peak season, especially in July and August when many Europeans go on summer holidays. If you prefer fewer crowds, consider visiting in June or September, as these months still offer pleasant weather but with slightly fewer tourists.

The best time to visit the Algarve is during the summer, from June to September, when temperatures are warm and sunny, perfect for enjoying the beaches and water activities. Spring and autumn are also good options, with pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds. In winter, the climate is mild, but it can be quieter and with lower prices.

However, keep in mind that the weather can vary and it’s always good to check current conditions before travelling.

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